What is brand blasting?Why do you want brand blasting?

Brand blasting, in the marketing war, using a tactics with very blasting, blasting consumers, allowing brands to quickly obtain the cognitive and choice of target consumption groups, thus rapidly become the first brand in a certain field. .

Brand blasting is the first brand strategy , excellent tactical implementation. Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste Implement systemic brand blasting, in just more than 1 million, from millions of million to 300 million, thereby lays the first brand of effective toothpaste;

[123 Water should be sorn, under the strategic guidance of positioning strategy , implement brand blasting, so that a new product that has no hybrid, rapidly win consumers’ cognition and trust, the first year, the year is sold 400 million, the second year realizes the year Sales of 700 million, quickly build the first brand of functional healthwater cups, become a model of new products;

21 Jin Wei, use 4 years, implement a serial burst, realize annual sales of 80 million to 8 100 million, thereby laid the status of the first brand of multi-dimensional elements

Brand blasting is the first brand strategy implementation, mining supplier which is extremely effective tactical ideas. It can help the brand stand out from the fierce market competition, and successfully implemented the established brand strategy as a short time as possible.

Why do you want to implement brand blasting?

1. Consumption Music Music

This is an era of information explosion.

With the development of Internet technology, there is a lot of information in this world in our lives, and the growth rate of information is definitely a near horror thing – we call information explosion .

Information explosion is in five aspects: 1. The speed of news information is increased. 2, entertainment information has risen sharply. 3, the advertising information is covered. 4, technology information rapidly increment. 5, personal acceptance of overload . In this era, the human brain stuffed with a variety of information, including a large amount of commodity information, which created the large brain of consumers’ extreme congestion.

In China, each consumer should receive advertising information from nearly 100 TV stations, elevator advertising, store advertising, shopping mall, newspaper advertisement, online advertising, bus broadcast, etc.,

A brand is to quickly enter the consumer mind, which requires a more skillful and buffred means.

Brand blasting, is in the intensive consumer mind, cast a torpedo, not only to let consumers hear your voice, but also touches its purchase decisions: 6 rings Hei Zhi Chain.

2. Lack of patient consumer mind

Overall, in the face of a variety of goods, consumers areLack of patience, if you can’t touch his nerve within a certain period of time, their attention will move to other places.

After all, consumers are living people, they have their own content, they will not take the initiative to find product information.

To enter their mind, you must seize the opportunity, hit, otherwise it is difficult to have a second chance. 3. Time is the biggest cost of marketing war, must grab a success in front of the opponent

In marketing war, time is an unneaptable cost.

On the one hand, from the perspective of corporate operation, it is necessary to consider the success of the marketing in the perspective of enterprise operation.

On the other hand, from the perspective of competition, the marketing war is not a performance. Every opponent is trying to affect the consumer, who will enter the consumer’s mind, whoever has achieved competition. Even if you have no opponents temporarily, it doesn’t mean that there is no new competitor to join the battle, and you will compete with you.

Therefore, once the strategy is developed, it must be successful in front of the opponent.

The brand blasting is a tactical thinking of grab time, speed . 4. The greatest strategy, also requires high-spirited tactical implementation

to win a war, first need to develop the correct strategy. But the final victory is consisting of the victory of every campaign. It takes a high tactics that win every battle. Marketing War is the same, no matter how great strategy, you need to get the final success, you need to be high-spirited. Wang Laoji, formulated the positioning strategy of anti-fire drink , however, if there is no series of effective tactical execution, such as a simple advertisement, the terminal is solid, the rapid layout of the country There will be no final success. Overlord anti-hair loss, if there is no seemingly simple, but the blasting force is a 1 minute, if there is no sales force of the dragon big brother, I am afraid it will not be so fast to make water-off shampoo. Top brand.

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