Top 5 Functions of the Oppo A5S

The Oppo A5S boasts of a futuristic curved Waterfall display which will enable you to view even more than ever before. With a 16.8 cm curved screen size, this smartphone is safe with a Corning Gorilla Glass. With an impressive 13 MP main camera and 2 MP secondary camera, this handset will surely let you capture great photos, thanks to the amazing bokeh effect mode. It also comes with two built in widgets – Google Maps and Google Plus.

The Oppo A5S features a futuristic design, with all the requisite gadgets preinstalled on it. The most interesting thing about this handset is that it has two cameras, a heart rate monitor, and a calendar. What sets it apart from other Android smartphones is that it comes with an advanced Dual Shot motion sensor, which allows the user to take a group shot, or single image, while the backlight automatically switches to color in low light situations. The handset comes with a unique feature called Purevision Auto Focus, which enables the user to click on a specific part of the image and focus on it. Apart from this, the phone also features a high-end connectivity features, such as GSM/GPRS, EDGE support, HSDPA, USB Type-C, and Bluetooth.

While the Oppo A5S is certainly the first oppo a5s smartphone to support the OMA format, it also comes with Oppo Mobile Software. This software lets you enjoy mobile entertainment with the help of a variety of handy apps. The most popular one among them is OMA Files, which lets you upload any music, video, picture from your computer and transfer it to your Oppo A5S. The other apps in the collection are VideoDLK, which facilitates the conversion of videos into AVI, MPG, WMM, HTML, or PDF, and MMS (multi media messaging) which lets you send large files like text, photos, and video to other gadgets like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and computers. To optimize the performance of your device, use an optimizer that helps your phone run faster and boost the battery life. A good optimizer will scan your device and make sure your files are optimized for the particular operating system used by your smartphone.

The Oppo A5S is available in several attractive colors such as pink, silver, charcoal, and grey. If you are planning to buy the smartphone, then you will not be disappointed as there are several colors to choose from, including grey, charcoal, blue, and red. You can also buy the phone in white, black, and yellow if you don’t like these colors. One interesting feature of the Oppo A5S is the launch window which appears when you open the phone. This helps users to enjoy the scenic view of their surroundings while they are on the go. This is one of the unique features of this smartphone which makes it different from the other mobiles.

The Oppo A5S features a premium and high definition camera with many amazing features. It comes with digital zoom which makes the pictures taken with this device look like an art piece. To enhance the quality of the images, you can also opt for optical zoom. Another unique feature of the Oppo A5S is the image stabilization which enables the users to take crisp and clear photographs even in low lighting situations.

The connectivity options of the Oppo A5S include Dual SIM which allows you to enter your preferred handset and add up another. You can connect your smartphone to different Wi-Fi spots. You can also download the Oppo A5S Eula application which helps you to manage all the contacts, email information and perform other tasks related to your device. Apart from this, there are many other advanced functions present in the device which makes it one of the most wanted devices in the market. These are the prominent features of the Oppo A5S which makes it one of the highly coveted mobile phones in the recent times.